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Wellbeing Talks


The Workshop Programme is designed to give you an opportunity to deepen your understanding of specific topics so that you have knowledge and information to be able to help yourself and others. Through presentations, small group discussions, individual and group exercises you will have the opportunity to learn and practice new skills and strategies.

Most workshops are facilitated by members of the Student Counselling and Wellbeing Service. Talks and seminars are presented by academic staff, CAPOD and external facilitators with expertise in a particular area. Mental Wealth Shorts are single events on specific topics, lasting up to one hour, all on Wednesdays from 1pm. There’s no need to book, just come along.

Mental Wealth Shorts – It takes just a short time to invest in your wellbeing by learning strategies to handle the more difficult aspects of student life.


Date and Time Title Description Venue

Wednesday 27th September, 1pm

Healthy Body, Happy Mind

We all know that looking after our physical health is important. This talk will look at how to incorporate regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and peaceful sleep into your new lifestyle. 

Eden Court

Wednesday 4th October, 1pm

Home from Home

Being in a new environment can be difficult and sometimes lonely. It’s not surprising you can feel a bit stressed!  It’s easy to think you’re are alone and that other students are finding University effortless and fun. This talk will help you develop strategies to overcome anxieties about being away from home and making new friends.

Eden Court
Wednesday 11th October, 1pm Food for Thought- Healthy Eating for Mind and Body

Using the Eatwell Guide we will informally discuss healthy eating with ideas for cooking with limited budget and time. What is healthy eating? Why do we need to know? How can healthy eating benefit our minds and bodies? Can better eating affect our attention span, our sleep patterns, and our weight? Moving from home to university and wondering how to manage a healthy eating lifestyle? 

We will cover these topics and have time for questions and discussion.

Eden Court
Wednesday 18th October, 1pm  How to Stay Motivated*

This talk will help you to develop strategies to stay motivated and on top of your workload, whether essays, revision or other assignments. It will also explore why people procrastinate and put things off. Is that you? Come along!

Eden Court
Wednesday 1st November, 1pm  Mood Boost

Different triggers can affect mood and feelings of wellbeing.  This talk will explore valuable tools to help enhance mood and reduce irritability and worry.

Eden Court
Wednesday 8th November , 1pm  It’s Alright to Be Wrong*

Do you sometimes have unrealistic expectations of yourself? This short workshop will look at how you can move away from feeling you need to be perfect, to accepting and learning about your own abilities and embracing life’s ups and downs. 

Eden Court
Wednesday 15th November, 1pm  Sleep – Are you getting enough?*

Are you losing sleep? Do you lie awake in bed at night worrying about things? Are you fed up not feeling refreshed when a new day dawns?  Want to learn some simple strategies for sleeping soundly?  This workshop will give you lots of practical tips to increase your chances of sleeping the whole night through, feeling refreshed and ready for each new day.

Eden Court
Wednesday 22nd November, 1pm  How to Support a Friend with a Mental Health problem Ever found yourself at a loss of what to do when a friend is down or troubled? Come along to hear some simple tips to help a friend with a mental health problem. This informal talk offers practical tips on how to help along with ways to balance your needs with those of your friends Eden Court
Wednesday 29th November, 1pm  Exam Stress Workshop The run up to exams and exams themselves can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.  In this talk we will explore common anxieties and stresses that surround revision and exams and learn skills to help manage these emotions and build confidence. Eden Court
Wednesday 6th December, 1pm  Good Grief Are you coping with the loss of someone you care about? It’s easy to feel lost and confused when faced with the death of someone close to us. This talk will explore common reactions to loss, look at some of the psychological theories about loss, and consider ways you can gain comfort and support to help you get on with your life. Eden Court


Weekly Support 

Date and Time Title  Information Venue
Thursday 21st  5.15-6.15 September then Thursdays from 28st Sept 5.15-6.15 Mindfulness Keep Your Cool sessions Survive and thrive! Mindfulness can help you relax and focus. Student life brings lots of opportunities and lots of challenges. Mindfulness has been proved to improve relaxation and concentration. Come along and give it a try!

Eden Court 

No need to book – just come along.
Wednesday October 11th October 5:30pm -7:30pm Step On Stress*

Step on Stress is a free educational course run by NHS Fife.  This talk will teach you how to manage stress and anxiety using a variety of practical tools that you can use in everyday life.

School 1 - United College.

Book here

email:, or call 01383 565442

Wednesdays 5-7 Droppin’ Stitches

The Droppin’ Stitches group meets weekly to knit, sew, craft and colour over tea and cake.

Eden Court

By referral; please speak with your counsellor or Life and Wellbeing Advisor 

Wednesdays 1.30-3.30 (plus Sat 16th Sept Open Morning) Grow (Gardening)

The Grow gardening group tends St.Mary’s Secret Garden, creating a tranquil space for relaxation. 

St.Mary’s Secret Garden


Call Student Services for details 01334 462720

Tuesday 21st November 5.15 – 6.45

(8 week programme in Semester 2)

Write to Recovery - Creative Writing Taster This workshop is facilitated by the Scottish Recovery Network who support people through creative writing. The workshop will focus on the promotion of self-management for people experiencing emotional difficulties or are struggling with mental ill-health. The discussion and writing undertaken at the group aims to invoke a recognition of your strengths and positive aspirations. Credit yourself with courage and resilience and come along to see how writing could help you

Eden Court

Call Student Services to book

T: 01334 462720

StAnd Together Peer Support 

The Peer Support Network is a confidential one-to-one service which is open to any student. Peer Supporters are student volunteers with training in listening skills who are happy to provide support as well as company for trying out new things (like society activities). 

If you’re interested please email or talk to a Life and Wellbeing Advisor


Talks and Seminars


Date and Time Title  Information Venue
Fri 29th September, 2-5pm Public Speaking* Finding Connection is an interactive workshop on the voice and body performance aspects of public speaking. A primary focus of the workshop is finding connection with your audience and stage presence – it will help you develop confidence and poise. We will develop techniques to combat stage fright, how to physically warm up your voice and body before a talk, and how to find connection with your audience. Other topics will include vocal resonance, posture, intonation, and handling questions. It requires no advance preparation but will require audience participation! By Sarah Rugheimer, Research fellow at the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Eden Court

Please call to book your place T: 01334 462720 - 
Fri 13th October, 1-3pm (feel free to bring your lunch!) Imposter Syndrome* "Impostor syndrome" often hits students at University and can be incredibly isolating. Have you ever secretly worried that others will find out that you're not as smart as they think you are? That if they only knew the thoughts in your brain they would see that you are just barely keeping up? When you do succeed, do you think, "Phew, I fooled 'em this time but I may not be so lucky next time?" Or do you think that "If I can do it, it mustn’t be that hard. Anyone could!" If so, you are not alone. Despite evidence of their abilities, many successful, intelligent people feel like they are an "impostor" and their successes are due to external factors or luck. This hour and a half workshop is perfect for a lunch time gathering where we will discuss the impostor syndrome and identify steps to overcome impostor thoughts. By Sarah Rugheimer, Research fellow at the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Small Rehearsal Room, The Union

Please call Student Services to book your place T: 01334 462720
Mon 6th November, 1-2 pm

“Trauma and resilience - stress, life events and hope".

Paul Gardner, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology and Neuroscience

Eden Court

Please call Student Services to book, T: 01334 462720



Our colleagues in CAPOD (Centre for Academic, Professional and Organisational Development) offer a wide variety of talks and workshops that may be helpful for you. CAPOD provides a comprehensive range of opportunities to support personal, professional and academic development for all staff and students. A small selection of what’s on offer is outlined below. Further information can be found on the website:

If you would like to attend please book online at

Date & Time


Tues 17th Oct 1-2pm

Confidence and Belief*

Thurs 26th October 5.15 – 6.15

Building Resilience for Change*

Wed 1st Nov 5.30 - 7.30

Public Speaking*

Wed 16th Nov 5.15-6.15

How to Say No*

Tues 21st Nov 5.15 – 6.15


Wed 22nd Nov 5.15 – 6.15

Building Confidence*

Thurs 23rd November 2 - 4pm

Long term confidence Building*

*All workshops or talks marked with * qualify as part of the Professional Skills Curriculum. The PSC is a programme, open to all University of St. Andrews students, which focuses on the top 11 skills graduate employers value, delivered through a series of online workshops, lectures and practical skills sessions. Students can earn a Certificate in Professional Skills, listed on their degree Higher Education Achievement Report if they complete 8 topics in an academic year and submit a short, reflective essay.

Taking part in the PSC is effectively joining a graduate training scheme before you graduate. Students who have taken part previously report that the skills they learned can be applied to the workplace, but also to academic studies and extra-curricular activities.


We welcome your ideas, suggestions and comments on any aspect of our services. We are particularly keen to hear your thoughts about topics for future workshops, presentations or groups.  So if you have a topic in mind or would like to offer any suggestion, please email us at

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